Monday, May 29, 2017

Betta Bling-DIY Acrylic Bead Freshwater Betta Fish Toys

A co-worker told me his daughter won a goldfish at a fair... This brought back memories of a Betta fish I had years ago and I decided to get another one. In honor of the holiday weekend his bowl needed a little red, white and blue and after some research, I read acrylic beads are safe for freshwater fish. This little beaded hoop whipped up in no time, just make sure the hole is at least 1 1/2" to 2" wide so the fish doesn't get stuck.

The key is to find a heavier bead for the bottom that's wide enough to keep the hole open and stable. Without the heavier bead the ring floats on top of the bowl instead of sinking to make the hoop.

I named this active and ~very curious~ little guy Bud. He's in a one gallon brandy snifter that's easy to clean and easy to move. He travels with me if I'm working on a project in the craft room or watching TV:@) 

Does he like his hoop? Yes, very much:@)
What he doesn't like, however, is my camera. For some reason he gets very agitated when he sees it...
Note to Bud: This is a blog... Get used to the paparazzi dude:@)

Betta Hoop from Acrylic Beads
Acrylic beads, washed well-please make sure they aren't painted, coated, glued, etc. They need to be translucent and acrylic.
Monofilament fishing line.
Binder clip, suction cup, tape etc, to hold ring onto bowl.
  1. String beads onto fishing line, run both sides of the fishing line, in opposite directions, through the bead at the very top. 
  2. Pull line tight creating a hoop, you may need to nudge beads to make a nice circle.
  3. Tie a knot several times on top of the top bead. 
  4. Attach a binder clip to the rim of the fish bowl and tie a loop/knot in the excess fishing line that gives just enough length for the hoop to hang towards the very top of the water. 
  5. The most important thing is to make sure your hoop is not flat against the side of the bowl/tank, you want it to be open (hang sideways) so the fish can get through it without any trouble or getting stuck.
Make your Betta something new to play with and have a happy day:@)

Disclaimer-My only experience with fish is Betta's, a one gallon bowl and I use distilled water that gets changed out weekly. 


  1. oh how cute Lynn, that no fishing sign is adorable, and what a fancy fish bowl Bud has! Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Oh my goodness Lynn, the fish bowl and Bud are so darn cute! I love the hoop for Bud to do some tricks. You had me chuckling with the paparazzi comment!! My son, Mike, had a beta fish that lasted for several years. I'm glad that you have a little friend to keep you company. I see more holiday decor for Bud in the future.
    Happy Memorial Day!!

  3. Lynn, well Bud is adorable and the beaded loop is so pretty. Yes, Bud get use to the camera!! Happy Memorial Day!

  4. What a great idea! I should get one for my grandsons to watch when they're over. They'd love to see it swimming though the hoop!

  5. Very pretty.

    But the minimum tank size for one betta should be no smaller than 2.5 gallons.

    I would not use stress coat. I would cycle the tank using Dr. Tim's. Best stuff ever.

  6. Oh so fun and festive Lynn and I see the fish police have been alerted...:) I love that you were able to catch Bud in action swimming through his hoop! Happy Memorial Day!

  7. Bud has some stylish new digs! So sorry he's camera shy, but hoping he'll come around. Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

  8. Lynn you have me in stitches with Bud not liking the camera. Great shot of Bud swimming through the hoop :o) We've had several betta fish and they make great pets.

  9. How clever! It's been a long time since I had a fish bowl but these beautiful fish can sure entertain you. I have a Barbie post today if you get a chance to stop by! Hugs!

  10. How creative! Our family fish never had it so good!


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